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Message From Dr Trivedi for Grade 11-12

Message From Dr Trivedi for Grade 11-12

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IT 11 / IT 12 Computer Programming Course selection for 2020-21

Our IT 11/12 computer programming course is a blend of IB diploma and AP CS which includes all the BIG ideas and objectives of the New BC Curriculum. Like AP-CS  It is an introductory college-level computer science course. Students cultivate their understanding of coding through analyzing, writing, and testing code as they explore concepts like modularity, variables, and control structures. You learn these concepts while programming robots or making a Phone App.

我们的 IT 11/12 计算机编程课程融合了 IB 文凭和 AP CS,其中包括新 BC 课程的所有重大创意和目标。和AP-CS一样,这是一门入门级的大学计算机科学课程。学生通过分析、编写和测试代码来培养他们对编码的理解,同时探索模块化、变量和控制结构等概念。在编程机器人或制作手机应用程序时,您将学习这些概念。

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