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by Robert Flower -
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Notice from AA’s office about Student Translators for P-T interview


New Translators:


If your student number is in the list below it means you have been selected for an interview as a translator.


To all translators who have signed up to translate, please read the following to get ready for your translators’ interview:


During the translators' interview you will be read 2-4 sentences in Chinese (and English) and you will be asked to translate it into English (and Chinese).  Try your best to translate the sentences to the best of your ability without making any modification to the meaning of the sentences.  Ask the interviewer to repeat any part(s) that you do not remember.  Do not make up things!  Just do your best.  Good Luck to All Translators!


1809081 1809094 1809184 1809005 1809044

1909066 1909081 1909083 1909008 1909019 1909022 1909033 1909040 1909049 1909051 1909102 1909110 1909159 1909169 1909232 1909343

2001010 2001037 2001018 2009104 2009040 2009041 2009043 2009102

Please sign up for interviews outside AA’s office starting from Nov. 11th (Wednesday). Interviews will be happening at 2:30 pm, Nov.12th (Thursday) in classroom 319 (Ms. Joyce’s classroom).


Returning Translators:

If your name is on the list below, it means you have applied to and been recommended for translation AND have already gone through the interview process, therefore you will not need to interview again.

1806012 1809088 1809083 1809019 1809054 1809076 1809091 1809214 1809215 1908014 1909004 1909007 1909023 1909047 1909021

*Come to visit AA’s office if you have any questions.