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Parent Teacher Translator Needed!

Parent Teacher Translator Needed!

by Brian Yin -
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Translators Needed! Get your volunteer hours~~


Parent- Teacher Interview Student Translator Needed

(Friday November 19th, 8:00am - 12:00pm each day) 

Please see below as the procedures:




1.     Fill out the application form (available in AA’s office).


2.     Ask a BC teacher for a reference. Hand the form in to them.


3.     The teacher will give it to AA’s office the form by the due date (November 4th, 2021). AAs will look at your reference, your marks, and your attendance.


4.     Check Moodle for a list of students invited for interviews.


5.     Sign up in AA’s office for an interview time. Go to the interview.


6.     Check final list on Moodle to see if accepted.


7.     Come to the translator Meeting.


8.  See your teacher assignment on Moodle.


Returning Translators


1.     Fill out the application form. (Available in AA’s office).


2.     Give the form to a teacher. AA’s office will check your marks and attendance.


3.     Check the final list on Moodle.


4.     Come to the translator meeting.


5.     See your teacher assignment on Moodle.


*Come to visit AA’s office if you have any questions.