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Notice for translators

Notice for translators

by Brian Yin -
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Below is the list of P-T interview translators’ assignments. All the translators, you are expected to meet the following requirements for the P-T interviews.

-- Go to introduce yourself to your teacher one day in advance before the interviews. Help them download and install Tencent Meeting and make sure it works fine for the P-T interview day. 

-- Show up on time (7:50 am) on Friday to meet with your teacher and be available for the entire period.

-- Dress professionally.

-- Listen carefully and translate directly, without “sugar-coating” any information.

-- Do not have any conversation outside of the translation.

-- Ask questions or ask teacher/parent to repeat if you don’t completely understand what the teacher/parent is saying

-- Keep confidential any information shared between teachers and parents, specifically marks, i-reports, health issues, or other embarrassing secrets.



Come to visit Ms. Tan in AA’s office if you have any questions.